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Last Wish Raid Guide

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Last Wish

Tower of Opened Eyes

The objective is to neutralize Kalli while surviving her Ontological weapon attacks Three pairs of symbols will be in the centre of the room beneath the banners surrounding the well There are nine plates located along the exterior of the room, each with a symbol above them The encounter begins when players stand on each of the six corresponding plates Each plate is divided into three sections, Taken blights will spawn on two of the sections and will explode after a short period of time before respawning on two different sections Once a plate is cleared of Taken blights a “Ravenous Taken Knight” will spawn nearby and will need to be neutralized The plates are activated after the three sets of Taken blights detonate and the Ravenous Taken Knight is eliminated Activating an incorrect plate will spawn a “Ferocious Ogre” in the centre of the well After six of the plates are activated Kalli will “conceive an Ontological Weapon” giving the group an opportunity to attack her After a short damage cycle Kalli will “prepare to wield her weapon” In the centre of the room along the inside edges of the well are a series of small safe rooms, six of them (if all six Ravenous Taken Knights are killed) will randomly open on the side beneath Kalli allowing the team to survive her weapon Once Kalli’s first attack is over she will rotate to another side of the well before preparing to wield her weapon again After her third attack the cycle repeats until Kalli is defeated The first hidden chest is located on the right side of the first column passed underneath the bridge

CHALLENGE MODE – “Summoning Ritual”, players must activate the three incorrect plates to summon three Ferocious Orges per damage phase!

The First Spire

The objective is to cleanse Shuro Chi before the “Shuro Chi’s Song” timer reaches 0 The encounter begins as soon as the large door opens Once the door opens the team will need to eliminate the Taken enemies including the “Eye of Riven” Captain, until three prism weapons spawn surrounding the platform around Shuro Chi Three players will need to retrieve the prism weapons and stand on the circular plates surrounding Shuro Chi while aiming their weapons at each other to create a triangle around her, disabling her shield and making her vulnerable to attack One team member can retrieve the “Taken Essence Antumbra” debuff that is dropped when the Eye of Riven Captain is neutralized Using the Taken Essence Antumbra that player can disrupt Shuro Chi’s second song before she kills the group however, the debuff lasts 1:30 seconds and will kill the player using it if it reaches x10. This step can be avoided if the team does enough damage to interrupt her song Shuro Chi will move to a different area shortly after she is damaged or her second song is interrupted and more enemies will spawn, once eliminated three more prism weapons will appear around her next platform Players with the Taken Essence Antumbra can disrupt Shuro Chi’s second song before it kills the group if needed After interrupting her a second time Shuro Chi will move up to the second level The puzzle room consists of nine plates surrounded by three symbols on the walls around them Each symbol is divided into nine parts corresponding with the nine plates on the floor Each symbol will also be missing four parts indicating which corresponding plates four players must stand on to activate the command and unlock the next symbol After a symbol is successfully activated enemies will spawn in the room Activating all three symbol puzzle commands will reset Shuro Chi’s Song and allow the team to move up to the next level via the rotating half sphere platforms The cycle repeats on the second and third levels until Shuro Chi is defeated The second hidden chest is above a large tree outside the crystal room along the edge of the cliff

CHALLENGE MODE – “Coliseum Champion”, players cannot be struck by Shuro Chi’s Arc blast attack!

Keep of Voices

The objective is to eliminate Morgeth before he reaches 100% strength by acquiring ten “Taken Strength” The encounter begins when the team collects the first Taken Strength from the Taken blight near Morgeth After the first Taken Strength is collected Taken Ogres and additional enemies spawn Players can only collect and hold two stacks of Taken Strength at a time Morgeth will randomly afflict players with the “Umbral Enervation” debuff that will immobilize them and kill them if they are not cleansed before the 20 second timer is over The team can cleanse each other of the Umbral Enervation debuff by utilizing the Taken Essence Antumbra debuff dropped after neutralizing an Eye of Riven Cleansing another player of Umbral Enervation will transfer their Taken Strength to the player with Taken Essence Antumbra Morgeth will slowly accumulate strength throughout the encounter, if his strength reaches 100% he will kill the team Morgeth will also launch an axiom dart attack during the damage phase During the second cycle of the encounter there will be 2 stacks of Taken Strength to begin with, then 3 for the third cycle and 4 for the fourth cycle The cycle repeats until Morgeth is defeated

CHALLENGE MODE – “Forever Fight”, players cannot kill the Taken Ogres that spawn in the area!

Hall of Two Souls

The objective is to open the vault before the “Vault Security Mechanism” timer reaches 0 The encounter begins by stepping on the three plates in the centre room The Vault is surrounded by three separate rooms each connected by passageways Players standing on the plates will each see three symbols appear along the bottom side of the Vault mechanism Those players need to coordinate with each other as to which symbols appear on their sides and which are present on each other’s sides If players see a matching symbol on the left side of their centre symbol, it will need to be cleansed with “Taken Essence Penumbra” If players see a matching symbol on the right side of their centre symbol, it will need to be cleansed with “Taken Essence Antumbra” Once players step off their plates two of the three rooms surrounding the Vault mechanism will be blocked by a Taken barrier An Eye of Riven will spawn inside the remaining open room Once neutralized the Eye of Riven will drop a Taken Essence and the entrance back into the Vault room will be blocked by another Taken barrier Players with Taken Essence can find their way back to the Vault room by using the passageways between each surrounding room After the Eye of Riven is killed a “Might of Riven” Knight will spawn in one of the other rooms If the Might of Riven places their sword on a plate it will activate the Vault Security Mechanism and wipe the entire team As plates are cleansed the number of Might of Riven Knights increases Once all three plates are cleansed the cycle starts again, there are three plates that need to be cleansed per phase and three phases in the cycle

CHALLENGE MODE – “Keep Out”, Might of Riven knights cannot pass through the Taken barriers into the centre Vault room!

The Queenswalk

The encounter begins once the team stands on all six plates on the main floor The objective is to cleanse Riven’s heart The team should split into two groups of three, one for each room Riven will appear in one of the rooms and must be damaged until two of her eyes begin to glow Riven can be damaged when her mouth is glowing red or by standing underneath her tentacles and provoking her to slam the ground, then damaging them Which of Riven’s eyes are glowing must be communicated to the team in the other room The team in the room without her will need to neutralize the Eye of Riven and retrieve the Taken Essence Once the Taken Essence is collected a column of five symbols will appear in the middle of the room Towards the back of each room will be a platform with a glass wall on one side When a player looks through the glass a series of symbols will be floating in different areas of the room The player looking through the glass must then guide the player with Taken Essence to the correct symbol and cleanse it to activate the lift If the team with Riven in their room manages to damage her and cause her to leave before the second team has activated their lift, Riven will enter the other room as well The team will need to damage the Taken blight in her mouth until she is stunned, then destroy the two glowing eyes that the other team observed Both teams will then need to take the lift up to the second floor and repeat the cycle until they’re able to take the lift back up to the main floor Both teams will reunite on the main floor and will have three phases to attack Riven and observe her glowing eyes before staggering her one final time destroying all six of the glowing eyes The “Creeping Darkness” debuff will start stacking once Riven has been staggered and will kill players if it reaches x10 Players can cleanse Creeping Darkness by standing on the plates in the room Once all six players return to their plates they’ll drop back down to the first floor While falling players can destroy the Taken cysts on Riven’s body however, once destroyed the cysts will spawn Taken orbs The entire process starts again until Riven’s health is low at which point the entire team will be teleported into the “Ascendant Realm” The “Ascendant Atrophy” debuff will slowly drain each players health while in the Ascendant Realm A single stack of Taken Strength will spawn at the top of a series of platforms once collected the entire team will be teleported of the Ascendant Realm back to the main floor Once Riven is defeated the team will need to run inside her mouth, down her throat and destroy the Taken blight on her heart One random player will be chosen to pick up Riven’s heart and will need to start carrying it all the way back to the Vault The “Fate’s Chosen” buff will cleanse players of Creeping Darkness however, once it reaches 0 seconds the player carrying the heart will be teleported inside the heart itself to collect Taken Strength When players inside Riven’s heart collect Taken Strength it resets the time Fate’s Chosen lasts, only once per player Return Riven’s heart to the Awoken Techeuns in the Vault to complete the Last Wish Raid

CHALLENGE MODE – “Strength of Memory”, players cannot shoot the same set of Riven’s eyes twice!